Capstone 1.0
The Final Version of the Budgets to Blueprints Website
This is it. The finale to my Emerging Media Capstone journey! This 1.0 version of the website solves a real-world problem and calls upon the theory, practice, skills, and experiences I've gained in each of the diverse courses taken during in the Emerging Media program. 
The Capstone experience was a test of adaptability and resilience. Despite unexpected challenges, my teammate, Catherine, and I persevered, ultimately creating Budgets to Blueprints, a website game promoting financial literacy among young adults. 
Crafting the design system and developing the website using HTML, CSS and Javascript, I became familiar with the iterative design process and the power of effective communication in fostering progress. Accessibility was also at the forefront of my design decisions as I built the website, promotional materials, and presentations. The lessons learned and connections I’ve made throughout this process have been invaluable.
Screenshots of the 1.0 Version of Budgets to Blueprints Website
User Experience Research Report
A Visual Report of Budgets to Blueprints User Testing Results
The User Experience Research Report is a succinct report presenting the results of our user testing, following the User Experience Research Plan. I designed the document in Canva and pulled content from our testing documents. The main objectives of the report were to outline the research goals, key quantitative and qualitative findings, and implemented changes based on user feedback.
Capstone Website
All the Project Deliverables of Budgets to Blueprints
This website serves as the legacy of my Emerging Media Capstone project and includes: project details, team introductions, project materials, research, and source files of Budgets to Blueprints.
Case Study Collection
A Showcase of My Emerging Media Work
This collection features narratives and case studies of select projects spanning across my Emerging Media Master's degree program. Be sure to check out my Emerging Media Narrative where I recount my journey through the program, my goals, and what I've learned.

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