Why the Emerging Media Masters?​​​​​​​
I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising with minors in Studio Art and Design and Media in December 2022. Through this degree and my experiences as a creative in campus organizations, I knew that I wanted to be a professional graphic designer. As an advertising student, I was most interested in topics like brand storytelling, design, and marketing research, and desired to get a deeper understanding of it. Enter the Emerging Media Masters program.
The New Media Institute describes the Emerging Media Masters as “the intersection of technology and design, allowing individuals to explore the various facets, roles, and applications of emerging media across an array of disciplines and careers.”
It was exactly what I was looking for, so I made the decision to pursue the Emerging Media Masters through the Double Dawgs program. I had a commitment to being a better designer and wanted to continue my education with an immersive curriculum in digital media and design.
Plus, as the world becomes more technology-dependent, employers want people that can do a little bit of everything. I wanted to be able to utilize my digital media skills to adapt to the demands of the job market. By earning the Emerging Media Masters, my main goal was to broaden my knowledge of design by integrating technology to make significant contributions in my future roles.
Capstone Project
Budgets to Blueprints
Emerging Media Master’s degree candidates are required to produce an Emerging Media Capstone Project where students call upon the theory, practice, skills, and experiences gained in the diverse courses taken.
For my Capstone Project, I developed Budgets to Blueprints, an interactive website that educates young people about financial topics that matter most to them. It takes learning to a new level by featuring a storyline where students build a house (and their knowledge) through gaming and trivia. Play now at budgetstoblueprints.com.
Case Study Collection
This collection features narratives and case studies of select projects spanning across my Emerging Media Master's degree program. 
JRMC 7015: Emerging Media Capstone
Spring 2024
​​​​​​​This course marks the end of graduate studies and serves as the debut of the Capstone Project. Students conduct user testing, create a fully developed product, present their project at Emerge, and complete the EM Dossier.
JRMC 7012: Emerging Media Storytelling
Spring 2024
This course explores digital storytelling from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students draft and develop compelling brand materials in support of their Capstone Project using a variety of media types.
JRMC 7013: Emerging Media Strategy
Fall 2023
This course focuses on understanding, analyzing, and shaping the digital media user experience (UX) through the design-thinking process and research. Students develop a User Experience Research Plan to conduct user testing, gauge usability, and gather insights to improve their Capstone Project.
JRMC 7014: Emerging Media Workshop
Fall 2023
This course provides a collaborative setting with faculty and peers where students workshop their Capstone Projects and develop the beta version. Students engage in product development, research the market, justify its demand/need, and strategically iterate product features.
JRMC 7011: Project Management and Innovation
Summer 2023
This course covers various methods of digital product ideation such as innovation brainstorming and visualization to solve business problems. Students also learn the key components of project management from project integration to quality management.
JRMC 7010: Digital Customer Experience (CX) Design
Summer 2023
This course discusses the ethics, principles, and tools of digital customer experience design. Students explore topics such as human/user-centered design, usability testing, journey mapping, and prototyping using Figma.
NMIX 6030: Native App Development
Spring 2023
This course covers the fundamentals of native application development for a variety of platforms with a primary focus on Apple operating systems. Students create native iOS app prototypes using Xcode and Swift.
NMIX 6020: Advanced Web Development
Spring 2023
This course covers advanced features of CSS and HTML5 and grounding of Javascript. It also explores the use of APIs and databases to develop dynamic websites based on user interaction, data from external sources, and more.
NMIX 6011: New Media Design
Spring 2022
This course explores traditional graphic design topics, UX design, and builds a foundational knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma.
NMIX 6010: Web Development
Spring 2021
This course provides a practical introduction to front-end web development by creating responsive websites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, and JavaScript.

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