The Sprint
Spotify Mobile App Redesign
For the Sprint project, we were tasked to follow the design process outlined in Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days. Instead of the original five-day timeline, our team of five modified it to span over four weeks where we identified a problem within Spotify, brainstormed goals, sketched ideas, and created a prototype.
The Sprint resulted in a Spotify app redesign featuring new ways to share music, connect with listeners, and interact with friends.

Spotify Prototype Mockups (Screens from Left to Right: Home, Search, New Profile, Song Selection)

Live Listening Proposal Sketch and Spotify Prototype Mockups (Live Session Icon and Live Session Pop-Up Screen)

The One Project
An Online Resource for Financial Literacy
This marks the start of my Capstone journey. My teammates and I brainstormed potential ideas and came up with a quick pitch, leads us to our final project idea.

For The One Project, our team decided to pursue the idea of developing an interactive, educational resource that teaches life skills using gamification. We wanted to explore ways to make learning about important topics more enjoyable, and how digital media can be used to enhance that experience. We conducted market and competitor research to assess which angle our resource would best fit.

In Figma, we also created a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) suitable for testing. This interactive prototype served as a demonstration of how our product feels a need in the market.

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