Capstone Poster
Portrait and Square Posters for Budgets to Blueprints
A visual representation of the Emerging Media capstone project, the poster conveys the purpose of Budgets to Blueprints and invites viewers to visit the website. To accommodate various display formats, this assignment required us to produce a traditional portrait version and a square version tailored for social media. The posters were designed using both Adobe Photoshop and Canva and feature iconography created in Adobe Illustrator.
Capstone Trailer
Video Trailer for Budgets to Blueprints
This trailer highlights the main features of the Budgets to Blueprints website. Along with my Capstone teammate, Catherine Tran, we created a storyboard for our project's trailer. Graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Catherine sourced the stock music, and I edited the video and audio using Canva.

We centered our trailer around the two key elements of the website:
home building and trivia. Rather than just taking viewers through a website demo, we wanted to create an interactive story that shows a combination of the home building and the learning, capturing the immersive gameplay experience of our website. Through strategic storytelling, we effectively communicated the purpose of Budgets to Blueprints with a trailer that resonates with our target audience. 
Capstone Case Study
An Overview of Budgets to Blueprints
The case study follows the process of developing Budgets to Blueprints, an interactive learning resource teaching young adults about personal finance. From the initial iteration and prototypes, to user testing and the final version of the website, this narrative highlights all the progress, challenges faced, and lessons learned.
Trailer Activity
The Bottle Sketch
Assigned over Spring Break, we were tasked to create a video that tells a story about, well, anything. The only guidelines for the activity were that it had to be less than 30 seconds, use video and audio editing, and result in an engaging story. 
With that in mind, I decided to pull out my drawing skills and show the process of bringing a bottle to life from a sketch in a notebook to its physical form. I recorded the video on my iPhone 14 and edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Resonate Presentation
Green Building: For People and the Planet
Using the techniques outlined in Resonate by Nancy Duarte, I gave a short presentation about an idea that I am passionate about, green building. This project allowed me to demonstrate my competence in delivering a meaningful story in a digital setting that moves an audience. 

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