Build Your Financial Future, One Blueprint at a Time.
Budgets to Blueprints is an interactive website that educates young people about financial topics that matter most to them. It takes learning to a new level by featuring a storyline where students build a house (and their knowledge) through gaming and trivia. Play now at
Program: Emerging Media Masters curriculum at the University of Georgia's New Media Institute
Budgets to Blueprints was developed as my Capstone Project
My Role: Lead Designer
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, UI/UX Design and Research, UX Strategy, Brand Storytelling, Project Management
Made in collaboration with Catherine Tran
Website Design

Landing Page Mockups on Desktop and Mobile

Promotional Materials
Portrait and Square Posters
User Research + Testing
Website Demo
My Contributions
Brainstormed and proposed the Budgets to Blueprints concept after extensive competitor and consumer research, seen in this project brief

Developed design system including a style guide, user interface components, and pattern library
Created logos using Adobe Illustrator
Sourced and edited stock images in Adobe Photoshop
Produced a user experience research plan including strategy and testing materials for user testing
Conducted user testing and crafted a user experience research report
with key findings and future implementations
Designed promotional materials such as posters and a trailer highlighting the main features of the Budgets to Blueprints website using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva
Developed the website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap in Visual Studio Code

Managed the website hosting and domain

Presented the beta and 1.0 versions of the website at MiniMerge and Emerge to an audience of peers, instructors, program alumni, and industry professionals
Preliminary Sketches
Drafts of the Budgets to Blueprints Logo, Poster, and Trailer Storyboards

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