Copywriter: Madyn Godfrey
My Role: Art Direction, UI Design, Web Design, Graphic Design
An immersive web experience for Late July's "Amazingly Delicious Snacks" campaign focusing on their flavorful, organic tortilla chips. The website features a personality quiz resulting in a recommended product, a memory match game, and an add-to-cart function driving customers to buy Late July at Publix.
Website Design
Banner Advertisements
Banner Ads for Desktop
Banner Ads for Mobile
Social Images and Thumbnails
Images Created for the Dailybreak Homepage and Examples of Thumbnails for Social Platforms like Pinterest
My Contributions
Received client brief and sketched layouts to achieve objectives
Researched current branding which informed design decisions
Created animated and static web graphics and social images in Adobe Photoshop
Utilized CSS to customize webpage colors and UI components
Optimized content for desktop and mobile devices with CSS
Collaborated with copywriter to achieve harmony between content and design 
Designed animated banner ads in Adobe Photoshop
Underwent rounds of feedback and edits to fulfill client needs, communicating through Asana
Presented website and creative approach to the agency and client team

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