Client: Always
Copywriter: Neha Embar
My Role: Art Direction, Design, Branding
The Ask: 
Remove shame surrounding periods and instigate conversations that end the “ban” on talking about it. Break the pattern that perpetuates the problem.
The Insight: 
There are over 5000 euphemisms for periods and vaginas. People using euphemisms and code words perpetuates stigma and fear around periods.
The Idea: 
Call it what it is. Always is here to normalize calling a period a period, and encourage people to recognize that it is the euphemisms, not the actual topic, that make periods taboo.
Content Approach: 
Making Euphemisms Real. A visually-driven campaign executing euphemism scenarios, aiming to call out the ridiculousness of euphemisms.
Social – Organic & Paid
Experiential Pop-Up: The Lady Garden
Final Presentation
My Contributions
Received client brief and conceptualized ideas to achieve objectives
Researched topics surrounding period stigma to inform strategy and creative
Collaborated with copywriter to develop a campaign concept and
produce creative executions in a variety of media
Designed logo super and advertisement layouts for social and OOH
in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
Created mockups of keyframes and creative executions in Adobe Photoshop
Developed presentation deck layout and presented creative approach and
executions to the agency

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