Project Brief
Budgets to Blueprints Project Details and Research
This cohesive multi-part brief guided our Capstone project's development from start to finish. It includes foundational research about Budgets to Blueprints, the problem it addresses, its target audience, the market and the competition which informed every decision made when developing and marketing our website.
Capstone Alpha
A First Draft of the Budgets to Blueprints Website

It was time to bring our project idea to life and build out the website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After courses like web development and project management, this project served as proof that we were familiar with the technology and how to develop for it, while serving as a great first step in the development of the Capstone Beta. 
Our team's goal was to establish the main structure of the site, mapping out the user journey between the home building pages to financial trivia. For the Budgets to Blueprints website, I led the design efforts and managed the website hosting and domain. Regarding website content, I gathered information and developed visuals for the home building screens, landing page, and transition pages.​​​​​​​
Screenshots of the Alpha Version of Budgets to Blueprints Website
Capstone Beta
A Polished Draft of the Budgets to Blueprints Website

Building upon the alpha, this beta version of the website was used to user test, demo, and pitch. We also presented the beta at MiniMerge, a showcase of Emerging Media Capstone projects a semester after research and development. We continued developing using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and implemented updated guidelines from the second iteration of the design system.
Screenshots of the Beta Version of Budgets to Blueprints Website

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