User Experience (UX) Strategy Toolkit
Determining the Value Proposition of Budgets to Blueprints
With this toolkit, we identified our capstone project's unique advantage, interviewed target users, and conducted extensive competitor research and analysis. We also produced a rapid prototype for user testing, focusing on the key features of Budgets to Blueprints: a gaming aspect of building/decorating a home with presented options and a Jeopardy-style trivia game covering a variety of relevant financial topics.
Budgets to Blueprints Design System
A Comprehensive Set of Branding Guidelines and UI Components
For the Design System, we were tasked with creating a visual and editorial style guide, user interface (UI) components, and pattern library. Having this iterative document allowed for a consistent user experience across brand touchpoints.

I was in charge of developing the visual style such as logos, color palette and typography, and built out the design system in Figma. To ensure that the design system was up-to standard, I reached out to peers and other designers for feedback and improvements. As I hope to work with branding and crafting visual identities in the future, this project gave me a great perspective on how to document branding guidelines for user interfaces.
User Experience (UX) Research Plan
A Guide and Strategy for User Testing

The User Experience Research Plan is a comprehensive guide designed to put our Emerging Media Capstone project, Budgets to Blueprints, to the UX test. I designed the document in Canva and determined the methodology for user testing. This includes: team roles, sample population and user personas, plans for recruitment, and testing instruments such as the script, consent form, task table, and pre and post-test surveys.
With this project, I learned about the importance of having a in-depth plan in place to reduce confusion later. We also fully thought through our website and the areas where user feedback was needed to improve the experience.

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