Program: Advertising curriculum at the University of Georgia
My Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Strategy
Made in collaboration with Smera Dhal
'Feel the Difference' Campaign
The 'Feel the Difference' Campaign aspires to build on something that people have loved for so long and will continue to love: music. By keeping our tagline simple and revealing to music lovers
that Wuxtry Records will help them "feel the difference," our campaign looks to broaden
the horizons that many music listeners had forgotten was there.
This campaign capitalizes on Wuxtry’s strength of providing tangible,
authentic connections to music
. Imagery contains that of vinyl records,
popularized by its physical aesthetic and organic sounds.
Wuxtry offers an old, yet new, way of listening to music by feeling
the physical records as opposed to streaming and digital media.
Campaign Plan Book
My Contributions
Led creative direction and developed strategy for the brand 'fit' with consumers
Drafted and presented tactics and executions for campaign
Designed PowerPoint template for presentation
Gathered photos from Unsplash and edited using Adobe Photoshop
Created illustrations and refined logo using Adobe Illustrator
Assembled visual elements and type to create print advertisements using Adobe InDesign
Researched company history and competition for Situation Analysis
Preliminary Sketches

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